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Connecting Care bulletin - April 2015

Our monthly round-up of the best technology and social care news from the last few weeks. This bulletin is produced…

Video: Data Protection and cloud services

A shift towards a greater use of cloud computing is well underway. Cloud services are frequently cited by charities as…

Connecting Care bulletin - March 2015

Lasa's monthly round-up of technology and social care news.

Video: New Website Initiative

This Lasa webinar shows managers what to consider in writing a web brief and hiring a designer.

Digital show and tell for carers

Digital 'show and tell' events are a great way to show people how easy it is to use tablet devices…

Firewalls And Antivirus - Essential Security Checklist and Resources

Firewalls and Antivirus solutions are your two main technology defence mechanism - it is the virtual equivalent of securing the…

Connecting Care bulletin - January 2015

Lasa's monthly round-up of technology and social care news.

SEEFA symposium identifies challenges to innovation in Ageing Better

​David Wilcox, social reporter, has written an excellent summary of the recently held SEEFA (South East England Forum on Ageing)…

Connecting Care bulletin - December 2014

Lasa's monthly round-up of technology and social care news.

Don’t forget the basics

​Sometimes it feels like I spend most of my time on a train, just connected to world by my phone &…

Connecting Care bulletin - November 2014

Lasa's monthly round-up of technology and social care news.

Video: Social Media 10 Tips for Success

Our webinar recording explains how charities and non-profits can make better use of social media to tell their story and…

Video: Resources for IT volunteers

If you're an IT volunteer or would like to help out with the technology at a charity, our webinar rounds…

How digital technology is transforming social care

Digital resources are widely used in the sector, challenging the notion that social care and technology don’t mix

Online networks that bring people together

Often the people we care for can feel isolated from their friends and family, however there are now many on-line…

Receive a free 2 hour consultation with a strategic IT volunteer

The Tech Surgery from the Charity IT Association (CITA) provides charities with FREE independent advice that can help you make…

Accessibility Challenge for ‘digital by default’

Nigel Lewis, CEO of AbilityNet, says digital inclusion is shining less brightly for some

I Need Help Using Technology

A few resources originally curated by Go-On Gold to help you get online, and adapt your computer, phone or other…

Finding a voice: To Siri, With Love

How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.'s With Apple’s Siri personal assistant software

Staying Safe on Social Media and Online

The press sometimes paints a negative picture of the web which can deter organisations from using it or upsets and…

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