Acceptable use policies and procedures

Any organisation needs rules and procedures to help it manage its day-to-day IT activities.

Safety guidelines

Safety guidelines (Photo: Steve Koukoulas)

Every organisation needs rules and procedures to help it manage its day-to-day activities, such as recruitment, equal opportunities or safeguarding - the same applies to managing technology and in many cases funders are now asking for such policies before they will support an organisation. The following provides a framework for common policies and procedures and guidelines to help social care providers think about managing their own technology.

Acceptable Use

An acceptable use policy (AUP) describes the rights and responsibilities of anyone using your organisation's IT resources, such as computers, tablet devices, the Internet, video cameras and so on. It explains the procedures they are expected to follow and makes clear what is considered acceptable behaviour when using it. Not having an AUP can expose your organisation to unnecessary risk.

ICT Acceptable Use Policies
ICT Acceptable Use Policies - why they're needed, what they should contain and how to implement. We have developed a framework for an Acceptable Use of IT Policy that you can download and adapt for use by your organisation.

Internet Use Policy
Pointers to some of the main issues to consider when developing a policy.

Further Resources

Department for Business - MOD IT acceptable use policy
ACAS Advice leaflet - social media use
BBC - social media guidance

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