Accessibility Challenge for ‘digital by default’

Nigel Lewis, CEO of AbilityNet, says digital inclusion is shining less brightly for some

The accessibility challenge for 'digital by default' public services


Nigel Lewis, CEO of national computing and disability charity AbilityNet, says the Government Digital Service needs to rethink its approach to making Government online services more accessible to disabled people.

"The Government Digital Service (GDS) was given a £50m budget to deliver assisted digital as part of its move to make public service delivery “digital by default”......

The siloed approach being introduced means that while government is working within departmental divisions, service providers are also, for the most part, working completely independently of each other. Surely this makes duplication of effort and wasting of funds virtually inevitable.

There is a chasm between the technology that people have - whether at home or via public facilities - and their ability to use it. What is urgently required is a service designed to help people use technology better, before the gap between the digital haves and have-nots gets any wider."

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