​Digital exclusion across the UK highlighted by Get Digital’s new heatmap

Heatmap published by The Tech Partnership shows large areas of the UK continue to suffer from high levels of digital exclusion.

The Get Digital Heatmap, published by the Tech Partnership, shows that large areas of the UK continue to suffer from high levels of digital exclusion, even though over one million more adults have gained basic digital skills since the previous heatmap was published in 2015.

The Get Digital Heatmap uses eight different digital and social metrics to calculate the overall likelihood of exclusion across the UK at local authority level.

Common causes of digital exclusion are:

  • lack of skills or the confidence to use them;
  • lack of access to infrastructure and fast broadband;
  • the cost of devices and fees for broadband subscription and mobile data;
  • and a lack of personal motivation to value the gaining digital skills as relevant and important.

Get Digital is the Tech Partnership’s campaign to give everyone access to the basic level of skills they need for life and work in an increasingly digital world. Find out from the heatmap how your local area is rated for digital exclusion.

Go to www.thetechpartnership.com/heatmap

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