Disaster Recovery Planning

Keeping your IT systems protected from disaster is something many only think about after a disaster. Don't get caught out....

You always hope it won't happen to your computer or to your organisation's IT Systems. However IT systems are critical to the work you do so should be protected and as safe and secure as possible. You need to consider all scenarios and how the organisation would continue to function and provide care and support services should disaster strike. Consider what would happen if the office was cut off by snow, there was a fire next door or the building was flooded. 

To keep your IT Systems safe and secure there are a number of steps you can take

IT Disaster Planning

Could you cope if your office burnt down
What would you do if all your computers were stolen, broke down – or were destroyed in a fire? This article covers the things you should consider

IT Disaster Recovery Checklist
A checklist you can download and complete which asks questions about each stage of your disaster recovery plan.

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