Learning technologies in social care: a guide for employers

An introductory guide from Skills for Care helping social care employers understand and make better use of learning technologies.

Learning technologies have much to offer social care employers but with all technologies, learning technologies work better in some circumstances than others. They work most effectively when integrated into an overall learning strategy, tailored to an organisations particular circumstances – a blended approach to learning. For example, e-Learning allows staff and volunteers the opportunity to learn new skills in bite-sized chunks, at their own time and pace.

Skills for Care have developed guides about learning technologies in social care for employers and learners. This web page provides links to articles and to a range of case studies which show learning technologies in action

There is also a guide by Skills for Care which summarises developments in e-learning, highlights real world examples of social e-learning, reviews different tools, products and strategies for implementing an e-learning system.

Download: Learning technologies in social care: a guide for employers (PDF, 0.56MB)

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