Systems for Sharing Information

Being able to share client information and have it available via multiple platforms can transform how care is provided. This video explains how the Heathlands Project managed it.

We worked with the Heathlands Project in Cumbria and thought their use of technology to improve and streamline care services would make a good case study showing the benefits of information sharing and suggested them to Skills for Care, which is working on its own information sharing programme.  We also collaborated with Skills for Care on their Information Sharing Guide for Social Care Employers.

Many care staff spend time hand writing care notes - this makes keeping information on clients upto date dificult and time consuming.  The Heathlands Project moved their care information system to the cloud based Google for non Profits.  This has made exchanging information between care teams quicker and easier.  Heathlands also invested in training to improve the technology skills of care staff and inform them about data protection good practice. 

This video is part of a series on the benefits of information sharing made by Skills for Care.

New systems for sharing information in Cumbria - The Heathlands Project from Skills for Care on Vimeo.

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