Using ICT in activities for people with dementia

A short guide by SCIE for using technology in actvities for people with dementia.

Technologies are 'personalisation in action' and using ICTs to display pictures, play music or show films can be a useful ice breaker for working with people with dementia.

Authored by Sara Dunn, SCIE's Using ICT in activities for people with dementia guide is a plain language resource for managers and staff in the care sector, and providers of activities for people with dementia.

The guide explores using mainstream technologies with people with dementia, looks at assistive technologies, and reviews strategies for introducing technologies to people with dementia.

Download: Using ICT in activities for people with dementia: a guide (PDF, 1.6 MB)


at dementia: information on assistive technology for people with dementia

Living made easy: a site by the Disabled Living Foundation offering impartial advice and information about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living.

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